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Re: Drawing several plots in one file, EPS files

From: Glenn Golden
Subject: Re: Drawing several plots in one file, EPS files
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 06:21:33 -0700

> Henry F. Mollet wrote:
> > Thanks. I think it worked but I'll have to be able to view an eps file.

Another option for you --  at least as a temporary workaround until you
get gs (or whatever) going -- is the ebitmap() function in the epstk
package.  No PDF, but it does generate five major graphical formats with
selectable resolution, and gives pretty darn good rendering.  I know zippo
about the mac world, but I presume there must be many choices available
for conversion to PDF from one or more of these formats.


   ebitmap  -  transform  the current eps-file to bitmap-file


   bitmapType     bitmap-type
                  default: 0
                  0 = PNG -format
                  1 = JPEG-format 
                  2 = TIFF-format 
                  3 = PPM-format 
                  4 = PCX-format 
   resolution     in dpi,resolution of bitmap-file 
                  if scalar then resolution x and y direction are equal
                  default: 200  (dpi)
                  if [x y] vector then  resolution of x and y direction
                  if [x y q] vector then resolution and qualitiy of JPEG 
                      q=100 for no lost of qualitiy
                      q=75  standard compression
   mapFileName    name of bitmap-file
                  default: 'eFileName.typeSuffix' 
   epsFileName    name of eps-file
                  default: 'eFileName' 

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