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Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2014 13:22:14 +0200
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Could you please run:

graphics_toolkit fltk
plot(sin (0:0.1:10), "o-")
grid on
print ("-depsc", "testplot.eps")

View the generated testplot.eps with GSview:
If you have inkscape you could use this too (but report which program
you have used for viewing)

Use a ghostscript version <= 9.09 from
suitable for your OS (there are 32 and 64bit versions)

Please report:
- Do you see a blue sinus line with blue circles, axes and grid in the
FLTK figure window which pops up after plot?
- Do you see all objects (axes, blue line, circles) in the generated
testplot.eps? Please report any differences.

If you see any errors please copy them verbatim. If you see differences
please report the exact version of your MXE build and where you've
downloaded it. Please also add the vendor and type of your GPU and if
you have up to date driver for your GPU installed.

Bug report pivotal for this:

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