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Re: Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 14:45:56 -0700 (PDT)

Andreas Weber-4 wrote
> Could you please run:
> graphics_toolkit fltk
> plot(sin (0:0.1:10), "o-")
> grid on
> print ("-depsc", "testplot.eps")
> View the generated testplot.eps with GSview:
> If you have inkscape you could use this too (but report which program
> you have used for viewing)
> Use a ghostscript version <= 9.09 from
> suitable for your OS (there are 32 and 64bit versions)
> Please report:
> - Do you see a blue sinus line with blue circles, axes and grid in the
> FLTK figure window which pops up after plot?

On my Win7 64bit box:
Yes, plot looks fine with Octave-3.6.4 MSVC, 3.8.2-64bit, and 3.9.0+/4.1.0+
32bit, the latter three all cross-built with MXE on Linux here.

> - Do you see all objects (axes, blue line, circles) in the generated
> testplot.eps? Please report any differences.

Coincidentally I have gs9.07 (32b) both in C:\Programs (d/led & installed
myself) and for octave-3.9.0+/4.1.0+ in the /bin/ subdirectory (built w.

3.6.4: .eps file looks fine. Plot window turns blue for a split second, as
usual when Ghostscript prints a plot.
3.8.2-64b, 3.9.0+, 4.1.0+: No testplot.eps is generated at all. The plot
windows flashes but that's it.

When I add gs9.14 to the PATH for Octave64-3.8.2 (Ghostscript isn't built w
mxe-octave for 64-bit builds), the printed plot is generated fine. The plot
windows flash lasts a bit longer than with gs9.07.
Same for 3.9.0+ & 4.1.0+ (added gs9.14/bin before all other PATH entries).

So it is related to the gs version.

> If you see any errors please copy them verbatim. If you see differences
> please report the exact version of your MXE build and where you've
> downloaded it. Please also add the vendor and type of your GPU and if
> you have up to date driver for your GPU installed.

GPU: ?? it's a Lenovo X230 laptop w. Intel HD graphics 4000
I haven't updated the driver since I purchased this laptop (1,5 years ago


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