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Re: Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:04:43 +0900 (JST)

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> From: John Guin
> To: 'Andreas Weber' ; help-octave; help-octave
> Cc: 
> Date: 2014/9/18, Thu 07:50
> Subject: RE: Tests from Windows users and MXE build requested
> I ran this on Windows 8.1 and saw the blue circles, axes and grid.  A PNG of
> it is here:
> bxqA0BAtM&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng
> Trying to save as an eps file gave me this error, though:
> print ("-depsc", "testplot.eps")
> warning: print.m: epstool binary is not available.
> Some output formats are not available.
> If someone could nudge me in the direction to fix this, please feel free to
> do so.  I am willing to help but other than using Octave for Stanford's ML
> class, I have not had much other experience with it.
> John

The above message is just a warning but not an error. 
Perhaps you can just ignore it.

If you want erase the warning message, you have to install epstool.

However, the windows binary cannot available from original page.

You can find the mirror site at

Download and extract it where you wold like to place it.
Set "Path" environmental variable to the <install dir>\bin, where epstool 
executable exist.
To set the "Path" environmental variable on win 8, please search the way by the 
search engine like google.


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