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[igraph] InfoMap integration

From: Emmanuel Navarro
Subject: [igraph] InfoMap integration
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 16:24:18 +0200


For my work I had to (have to) play with different community detection
So to make playing time more fun (by using python...), I have
integrated InfoMap C++ code into igraph.
(Infomap is a nice community detection method by Rosvall and
Bergstrom: http://www.tp.umu.se/~rosvall/code.html#map)

Here is the patch of this hack.
It may be integrated in igraph development branch on launchpad ?

Note that :
- it only use the directed version of Rosvall's code (undirected
version is more efficient over undirected networks, directed version
can however deal with undirected graphs...),
- it is based on the 0.6 branch on launchpad,
- I wrote python wrapper GraphBase.community_infomap (which may need a
second level method in Graph object, as for walktrap), but not the R
- I have tested it, but not deeply, so I may introduced bugs or memory
leaks (I hope I do not :-))
- I have written some documentation with reference to Rosvall and
Bergstrom papers and website (http://www.mapequation.org), here too it
may have some mistakes,
- Roswall is ok to make it publish in igraph,

Sincerly yours

Emmanuel Navarro
PhD Studient (University of Toulouse, IRIT, RPDMP team)
tel: (+33) 05 61 55 74 36
email: address@hidden

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