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Re: killing, but good

From: Allan Adler
Subject: Re: killing, but good
Date: 29 Mar 2007 01:04:19 -0500

Bob Fry <> writes:
>For me this often works to Lfst<ret>

Thanks. I went to one offending poster and did  this. It had the effect
of marking with a Y all of the followups to postings by this particular
author but did nothing to the article itself. Also, I'm not sure whether
this has to be done every time one needs the newsgroup.

>BTW, I've found it helpful to use a single .SCORE and a single .ADAPT
>file for all news.  In your init.el file:
> gnus-home-score-file "global.SCORE"
> gnus-home-adapt-file "global.ADAPT"

I don't have a file named init.el. I do have a file named .emacs. Should
I use that one?
Allan Adler <>
* Disclaimer: I am a guest and *not* a member of the MIT CSAIL. My actions and
* comments do not reflect in any way on MIT. Also, I am nowhere near Boston.

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