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Re: ``Quips'' in signatures

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: ``Quips'' in signatures
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 06:00:03 +0200
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Joe Fineman <> writes:

> Richard Riley <> writes:
>> Joe Fineman <> writes:
>>> Richard Riley <> writes:
>>>> Why would you do all this when gnus has signatures built in which
>>>> use things like regexps for signature matching?
>>> Because, as I explained at the beginning,
>>>>> Being isolated from the Gnuish mainstream, I routinely reinvent
>>>>> the wheel when such desires arise.
>> Google gnus and signature file - it's not so far out :-;
> I think I could wander around in those results quite a while before I
> found anything both intelligible and useful.

If that's what find, then who am I to argue. Personally, though I tend
to find with gnu/open source that there are always hosts of people there
to help and so I find recommending home brew over established,
documented and supported methods somewhat odd.

Also in the context of the user asking for "easy" solutions, I cant help
but think the built in Gnus way is easier than a one off hack which is
dedicated to a single person. Clearly you disagree and your view is as

>>>> And how would Merciadri invoke it?
>>> By keying "M-x psig RET" (after creating a congenial Sayings file,
>>> of course).
>> You don't auto call it when you send your message?
> No.
>> Better I guess if you only attach a .sig rarely.
> On the contrary, I always attach one.  But I have two styles: psig
> (the one I posted) for personal communications, which calls me Joe and
> includes my email address & a rotating saying, and bsig for business,
> which calls me Joseph C. and includes my full address & phone number,
> but no saying.

Ah yes, I use posting styles for this. And it adds the correct
sig/from/organisation depending which group I send from. Useful and well
supported. And as easy to set up for X groups as for 2 groups. No
interactive function to remember either. I must admit in the early days
I had problems understanding matching and gnus-posting-styles but got
there in the end.

>>>> Far easier to use a file based signature(s) and have gnus include
>>>> them.
>>> I suspect it would take me longer to find out what "file based
>>> signature(s)" means than to write the routine I provided, which
>>> worked the first time and has served me well for many years.
> Also, as I might have mentioned, the time it takes to key "M-x psig
> RET" is very much smaller than the time it takes to compose a
> posting.  It is scarcely worth saving.

I prefer not to do any M-x to be honest. I tend to find it faster and
less error prone when the computer does it for me  - they tend to be
good at automatic repeated tasks :-;

>> Well, yes, if you have one single never changing signature

> On the contrary, the psig one changes every time.  Do the built-in
> facilities provide for that feature?  And if so, how would I have
> found that out?

Someone else posted a link to a modular signature "changer" which
integrates with gnus. I had my own cron job which altered sig files
too. Its quite common.

Anyway, I'm sure your way will prove educational too.



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