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Re: ``Quips'' in signatures

From: Joe Fineman
Subject: Re: ``Quips'' in signatures
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 17:04:39 -0400
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Richard Riley <> writes:

> Joe Fineman <> writes:

>> I think I could wander around in those results quite a while before
>> I found anything both intelligible and useful.
> If that's what find, then who am I to argue. Personally, though I
> tend to find with gnu/open source that there are always hosts of
> people there to help and so I find recommending home brew over
> established, documented and supported methods somewhat odd.

Yes, it is somewhat odd.  I have a mysterious intellectual deficiency
that a friend of mine has called "mind blindness".  Time and time
again, I have posted a query on a Gnu-related newsgroup, taking care
to phrase the questions so as to reveal the precise extent of my
ignorance.  Invariably, I receive one or more prompt, cheerful
replies, containing something I don't understand.  My followup
questions usually discourage further attempts to help me or to be

> Also in the context of the user asking for "easy" solutions, I cant
> help but think the built in Gnus way is easier than a one off hack
> which is dedicated to a single person.

That depends.  It may be hard to find out what the Gnus way is, and it
is easy to copy somebody else's code if it happens to do exactly what
you want it to do.  I have done that often.

> Ah yes, I use posting styles

-- whatever they are --

> for this. And it adds the correct sig/from/organisation depending
> which group

-- whatever that is --

> I send from. Useful and well supported. And as easy to set up for X
> groups as for 2 groups. No interactive function to remember either.

I have never once forgotten "psig" & "bsig".

> I must admit in the early days I had problems understanding matching
> and gnus-posting-styles but got there in the end.

Probably after a lot more time & effort than I spent on those two
elementary defuns.  And no doubt that was a wise investment on your
part, because you are a real programmer & have a much more complicated
online life than I do.  However (or so I have read), Emacs is not just
for programmers.
---  Joe Fineman

||:  Don't worry.  It won't last.  Nothing does.  :||

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