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Design meeting notes august 16

From: Ruben
Subject: Design meeting notes august 16
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 16:37:30 +0200
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  * Homepage layout
    * download buttons should be highlighted and detect the browser
  *  Translation framework
    * Example https://jsr.manufacturaindependente.org/pt/build/
    * simple workflow, copy markdown pages from english into the new
    * how to edit:
    * One suggestion to track changes to pages is to use git hooks to
send an email when there are commits to certain paths.
      * This has limitations, there may be some tools to track
translation needs that we could use, or maybe something we could make.
  * Tasks
    * finish front page layout
    * backend features seem complete
    * logo and identity needs to be applied
    * Menu needs to be mobile friendly (pay attention to javascript, if
needed to implement the menu)
    * (for FSF) Request NLnet for a slot for accessibility check to be
done, so we know the timing.

Ruben Rodriguez | Chief Technology Officer, Free Software Foundation
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