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Re: Alternatives for online events scenarios

From: Robbt E
Subject: Re: Alternatives for online events scenarios
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2020 12:00:19 -0400
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   There is a conference organizing website project built with Drupal -
   This might help with schedule and sign-up. Drupal is free software -

   I think that you could relay the stream to Icecast from OBS -
   [2] but it isn't
   nearly as easy as it should be.

   Maybe the LibrePlanet streaming tech people can share their setup as it
   worked pretty well.

   Hope this helps.


   On 9/3/20 11:34 AM, Jonathan Sandoval wrote:

Hi everyone,

I belong to science divulgation group and we've been testing platforms
for online conferences. We prefer as much as possible free and privacy
respecting platforms. We tested BigBlueButton and Jitsi Meet (in and choose Jitsi Meet as we think it's easier to use for
people and we like its UI layout more. (We believe BBB is great too, and
use it for other kind of events where we use the board, for example).

Up to now, we've run a couple of pilot conferences with few users
(around 20). Now, we'll start to open the invitation for everyone. I
know Jitsi Meet (and any platform) has a limit on number of people. I
think we could perfectly invite around a hundred people, but that way
we'll get to the limit of Jitsi Meet (at least in its free service). In
some forums I've read they mention around 70 people, but not everyone
with cams.

I'm thinking on using some kind of registration form and send the
meeting link to those users a couple of hours before the time of the
event. Any recommendations for this?. I could as well just ask for a
reply email to register.

To make the event open for everyone, I'm planning on live streaming it
with OBS. I don't want to use Youtube or Facebook live. Any
recommendations to alternatives? or maybe a custom server for that.

And the last alternative would be a platform to upload the
recordings. Is there any usable alternative to Youtube?.

I've researched in internet search engines, but I'd like to read more
personal experiences and opinions.

Thanks for any help.


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