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Re: Alternatives for online events scenarios

From: Jonathan Sandoval
Subject: Re: Alternatives for online events scenarios
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 10:05:20 -0500
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Thanks to everyone for your kind comments.

I plan on using my own RTMP with nginx for live streaming. I'll use
PeerTube to upload the recordings after the event.

I've been testing my own Jisti Meet instance with a domain I own,
inviting some people, but, sadly, the ones with a cellphone are required
to manually set the domain. That's an extra step that may discourage
people to join us.

I took mumble into consideration, but we require the two speakers to
show their faces and gesticulate with their hands. Sometimes, we share
desktop to show images.

Jean Louis writes:

> * Jonathan Sandoval <> [2020-09-03 18:39]:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I belong to science divulgation group and we've been testing platforms
>> for online conferences. We prefer as much as possible free and privacy
>> respecting platforms. We tested BigBlueButton and Jitsi Meet (in
>> and choose Jitsi Meet as we think it's easier to use for
>> people and we like its UI layout more. (We believe BBB is great too, and
>> use it for other kind of events where we use the board, for
>> example).
> Purpose of every communication is understanding. In my opinion, when
> participants know each other, they may communicate by using voice,
> this is also way better for privacy as not everybody need to see the
> face in real time.
> In my organization we are using Mumble speech server, and participants
> are surprised of a good quality of voice. Participants in bad network
> areas such as in East Africa, with slow networks, may as well
> participate in speech conferences.
> If somebody wish to know the face of a person, a PDF file with
> collection of faces and names and their positions can be sent to
> people to get acquainted. But then participants who did not comb their
> hair and clean their faces or those still in pijamas, can as well
> participate in speech only conversations.
>> Up to now, we've run a couple of pilot conferences with few users
>> (around 20). Now, we'll start to open the invitation for everyone. I
>> know Jitsi Meet (and any platform) has a limit on number of people. I
>> think we could perfectly invite around a hundred people, but that way
>> we'll get to the limit of Jitsi Meet (at least in its free service). In
>> some forums I've read they mention around 70 people, but not everyone
>> with cams.
> You should employ your own Jitsi server.
> Jean


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