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Re: What can an informed patient suggest instead of "zoom"?

From: Pedro Lucas Porcellis
Subject: Re: What can an informed patient suggest instead of "zoom"?
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2020 11:56:22 -0300

> In the predicament when the doctor's office offers "zoom" for
> teleconferencing with patients from home what can a somewhat informed
> patient suggest instead of "zoom"

You can simple recommend to use alternatives, like Jitsi. Although, I
think you should do with common sense in mind.

I'm slowly teaching my therapist to use alternatives (she has only used
Google's Duo or WhatsApp for video-calls), like using Duo on the Web,
then proceeding to teach her to know other tools, like Jitsi.

This is not something I would do with my GP, for example. For lack of
intimacy and also for common sense, after all I only see him once four
to six months.

Being an activist for free software does not mean that I will force or
shout at people to use GNU / Linux or to join the cause, but every time
I feel that I have the opportunity *and it makes sense*, I will try to
give the hint.

People need to understand why free software is better, and they will
naturally choose if they fully understand.

In fact, I've been seeing more and more people on my circles realizing
and ditching stuff like YouTube for NewPipe merely by seeing how better
is the app and how it works *for people*, not profit, and starting to
experiment with things like Mastodon/Fediverse.

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