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Re: What can an informed patient suggest instead of "zoom"?

From: fischersfritz
Subject: Re: What can an informed patient suggest instead of "zoom"?
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 12:24:11 +0000

Connor Doherty writes:
> Modern phone calls use a boatload of proprietary software from your
> Telco anyway, and you can't control the systems it goes through.

Indeed, if you care that much about privacy and distrust the relevant
data protection rules, you need to know a lot more about how your
doctor's office runs, or you need to avoid the doctor.

However, if you are concerned simply with freedom to control your own
computers, VoIP phone calls are fine. Only the part you set up needs
to be free. You could use either a land line phone or free SIP software.
It is the service provider's problem if it runs proprietary software.

Zoom supports telephone. I am happy to join Zoom calls by telephone.

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