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Re: Support RMS

From: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
Subject: Re: Support RMS
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 05:58:31 +0000

   On Saturday, March 27, 2021,
   <[1]> wrote:

     and I'm not talking about the
     unfair out-of-context gotcha stuff, I'm talking about the pattern of
     awkward behavior the is both more subtle and persistent, the stuff
     has discouraged many people over the years, people who dealt with

   i have interacted with Dr Stallman for over 15 years.  over that time
   several things became abundantly clear to me:

   1) his hyperintelligence and attention to detail leaves you with
   absolutely no opportunity whatsoever to be ambiguous or unclear, in any
   way.  everyday words or acronyms that provide any opportunity for
   misunderatanding he will INSTANTLY pick up on and question.

   for people who lack patience this drives them up the f****** wall.

   for those who have the patience it is an opportunity that i cannot
   fully express how valuable it is, to have access to someone who can
   teach you to be absolutely clear and succinct in communication.

   2) from the above, and much more, it is blindingly obvious that Dr
   Stallman has a form of Asperger's (just as i do).

   the problem is that every time i raise this with him, he denies it.

   i would very much appreciate it if others who recognise the clear
   symptoms and behavioural patterns that i do, to have a quiet word with
   him and advise him to get a proper independent diagnosis...

   ...,*and publish it*.

   someone from a professional background who confirms this independently
   will have a huge impact in silencing and stymying Dr Stallman's worst


   because his critics and those actively seeking to destroy him are
   judging him by "normal" behavioural standards.

   no "normal" person literally dedicates their entire life in the way
   that he has to a cause that invites others to go absolutely ballistic
   because they look so ethically inferior to him by comparison, they
   cannot cope and seek to destroy him rather than accept *themselves* as
   they are.

   we accept Bill Gates and Richard Branson for who they are.  they both
   have Asperger's.  these are people whose behavioural quirks and speech
   patterns are accepted because they have been diagnosed with Asperger's
   and that has become public knowledge.

   people with Asperger's are the ones that change rhe world, because they

   i leave you with this quote:

   The Reason-able Man adapts himself to the world.

   The Un-Reason-able Man adapts the world to himself.

   Therefore, all progress depends on the Un-Reason-able Man.


   crowd-funded eco-conscious hardware:



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