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Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site

From: Greg Knittl
Subject: Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 02:11:07 -0400
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Hi Ali,

I'm sighted and have plenty of trouble interacting with the world through my computer. I can't imagine how I would manage to even get as far as going through all the steps to convert pdfs to text if I were blind. My hat is off to you.

As a sighted user trying to do my income taxes on Linux in Canada, I cannot rely on the etext forms for the blind to be up to date. Similar to you, I convert the PDF tax forms to text. This year I have written a "text spreadsheet" calculator using awk, tsort and bc/calc that allows me to mark up the calculations on the forms and then compute the dependencies, generate calculations and generate the results as an output text file.

I note the following limitations of converting PDF to text:
1/ I'm unable to convert XFA PDFs to text (fortunately only Ontario provincial forms, not federal income tax forms so far) 2/ The fine points of the PDF layout seem to get mangled. For example the Canadian tax forms use indentation to show nested calculations and I find that harder to see on the text version of the PDF. In general the etext versions of the tax forms are more sequential, which is easier for me as a sighted user to program against. 3/ Any calculations built into the PDF are lost. I think my "text spreadsheet" demonstrates that it is perfectly possible to mark up calculation steps on text forms sufficiently precisely to allow programs to calculate them. I would think it should be possible to generate a common specification for embedding calculations into text files, allowing programs to be written for this. I would be interested to know whether it might also be of interest to blind users.

Seems to me that the blind shouldn't have to put up with any of these 3 limitations and various laws may, in theory, give them the clout to enforce equality. This would also benefit me as a sighted user on Linux. This is a more specific example of potential synergy between Linux and users with disabilities.


On 2021-05-04 2:43 p.m., alimiracle wrote:
I'm a blind person
When I want to read the pdf file
I converting it to a text file
have fun and be free
ali miracle

على 4/27/2021 ‫11:34 AM، كتب Greg Knittl:
fyi. pdf accessibility issues may be bigger than just XFA...

I see enormous convergence of interest between Linux and the disabled as we are both 2 small and often overlooked minorities. The disabled may have more formal legal rights than regular Linux users that we can piggyback on...


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