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Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site

From: Arthur Torrey
Subject: Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site
Date: Fri, 7 May 2021 16:42:09 -0400 (EDT)

As a sighted user I don't really feel competent to make a list - as doing so 
would be similar to the issues I have with all the various engineering / design 
student projects that attempt to create a 'better' wheelchair without ever 
really understanding the day to day needs of actually having to live in a 
chair...  This usually results in a chair that "solves" whatever they see as a 
'problem' but is all but unusable for doing anything else....

That said, what *I* would think important is a screen reader that could read 
any text being displayed on the screen as a minimum...  

A very useful addition would be some sort of navigation assistant that could 
find the menu items on the page and just read those.  

A 'nice to have' but probably not realistically possible would be some sort of 
AI that could recognize enough graphics to read things like 'photos of text' 
and (much harder) do descriptive audio captioning on pictures 

My S.O., Mary-Anne has recently become legally blind, she still has some sight 
but not a lot.  Her current main machine is a Fruit co. laptop, which I have 
set up a 24" monitor to use as a larger display.  As her 'seeing eye person' I 
often have to work with her to deal with things like paying bills and 
navigating other sites...  In order to see the screen she has to blow up 
typical text (like this) to around 24-36 point, and even with a 24" monitor 
that results in looking at a site through what amounts to a porthole...  Just 
navigating around a banking site is painful due to her needing to constantly be 
scrolling around the page.  The fruit co. O/S does have a screen reader but it 
either doesn't help much or she hasn't learned enough about how to use it to 
best advantage.  (could easily be the latter)


Arthur Torrey - <>

> On 05/07/2021 4:09 AM Jean Louis <> wrote:
> * Arthur Torrey <> [2021-05-07 04:58]:
> > Jean Louis pointed at Vinux - which I had found and looked to me
> > like a near-dead project - The home page is non-https, and is
> > skeletal at best...  The Wiki is talking about the 'latest version'
> > as of 2015, and while it says the last update was in 2019, the
> > download site doesn't connect (Firefox times out w/ can't find site
> > error) and there have only been about 2 changes to the wiki since it
> > was created in 2013 according to it's history page...
> Make a list of items that are to you, by your opinion, most important
> for blind user, and send it.
> -- 
> Jean
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