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Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 18:33:27 +0300
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* <> [2021-05-24 16:12]:
> I doubt that a sight impairment issue can be solved by a window manager
> or by graphics.  What I think that a computer which is friendly to blind
> users should do is get information (local or external) and interpret it
> in braile or in sound.  The input side is quite solved, as of
> nowadays.

Those applications have to be developed. I am all for that
development, but I do not have resources to do it myself. I can make
my program here talk and give information to user, in fact I think my
dynamic knowledge repository can be easier used by blind people then
the common software as browsing withing information is so

There are countries, organizations, etc, they promote and support
accessibility, so they shall put funds and organize projects and
people will make it. 

Emacs is supporting both console and GUI, so it works anyhow. In the
same way both console and GUI could already have its OS built-in
readers and displays that help accessibility. I don't think that
should be problem of high level programmer.

It is problem on the OS level, if Linux/BSD/other free kernel does not
have accessibility features that is the place to start.

Text as fundamental element should not be on higher level, it should
always be "text" even if displayed in different fonts or by different
graphics, or by different window management system. If it is displayed
by Wayland or by X Window system, it should go through kernel api that
would process that text.

If all the text is processed by the base system then it becomes easier
to implement OS based interfaces.


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