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Re: move from freenode

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: move from freenode
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 09:01:54 +0300
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* alimiracle <> [2021-06-28 07:11]:
> > And now the miracle brings drama over here.
> I don't want to bring the drama in this place.
> It's an invitation to my new home.
> > I see it as YOUR drama, not as any kind of general issue.
> The freenode owners started that drama.
> It's unfair that they take away your projectChannels from you and give it to
> someone else unknown.

I don't base my opinions on rumours. I am wrong person to convince

> > Please, who are you to tell people to which server to connect? Like do
> > you know that guy, is it your friend, sister, brother, that you feel
> > free to give an advise or you just find it proper to go around
> > anonymous and incite the digital social protests? Imagine if you would
> > come to my house with my friends in a party and start telling them to
> >go to other house, to other party, oh my!
> It's just an invitation. we're not forcing anyone to move.

I gave you enough references to see that it was not just an
invitation, it was abusive mass kick of users with attempt to move
them to -- that is abuse of network.

> And invitations are part of freedom.
> If you want to stay, stay and if you want to come with us is welcome
> I didn't hold your hand and take you by force

It was the opposite, it was exactly the forceful mass kick of users
with attempt to move them somewhere else. I gave references.


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