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Re: move from freenode

From: alimiracle
Subject: Re: move from freenode
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:27:53 -0700

> I don't base my opinions on rumours. I am wrong person to convince

It's not rumors. it happened to us.

>I gave you enough references to see that it was not just an
>invitation, it was abusive mass kick of users with attempt to move
>them to -- that is abuse of network.
I don't care for these sources
Some of what they say is right and the other wrong
I want to bring the community together in one place.

>It was the opposite, it was exactly the forceful mass kick of users
>with attempt to move them somewhere else. I gave references.
> Again, I don't care for those sources
I'm different. my goals are different.
have fun and be free

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