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RYF can, and should, be improved

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: RYF can, and should, be improved
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2022 02:12:15 +0000

Hello everyone.

I'm writing to libreplanet-discuss today, to discuss a topic that I
believe has not been discussed adequately, in recent years. I'll get
straight to it:

Some of you may know me as the founder and lead developer of Libreboot,
a project which provides free boot firmware, replacing the proprietary
BIOS/UEFI firmware on specific hardware. It is used heavily by the FSF;
they even run it on the servers which host and!

Libreboot is based on coreboot. The coreboot project distributes binary
blobs, which are required on most machines that it supports. Libreboot
removes those blobs, resulting in only a handful of machines being
supported, and efforts are made to support more machines in such a

Until recently, Libreboot did not actually have a formal policy,
defining specific standards or objectives. It simply defaulted to the
FSF's own message.

I have now written a formal policy for the Libreboot project:

I have also written one for my parallel fork that I maintain, based on

Both articles talk about binary blobs from coreboot; the libreboot one
talks about blob deletion, and osboot talks about blob *reduction*. The
purpose of both projects, is to provide as much software freedom as
possible to users, within those policies. The ultimate goal: free
software everyone, available to everyone, without the injustice that is
proprietary software. The projects differ in their approach, but have
that some underlying goal.

I call for discussion of the topics presented in these articles. The
articles also discuss flaws with the FSF's "Respects Your Freedom"
program, and discusses ways to improve upon it, so as to encourage and
to facilitate more freedoms for computer users in the future.

Discussion welcome. Please, tell me your thoughts!

Think for yourself. Live free!

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