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Re: Question of Aiding and Abetting Proprietary (or non-free) Software i

From: lkcl
Subject: Re: Question of Aiding and Abetting Proprietary (or non-free) Software in GNU projects
Date: Mon, 16 May 2022 18:49:37 +0100
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   (apologies i am using a really quirky libre mail client, this might not
   go as expected)
   On 22/05/16 06:10PM, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:
   > * Emacs runs on Windows. Instructions and reasons are stated clearly
   > (as you quoted)
   a couple months back i helped Dr Stallman review the gnu maintenance
   docs, and it answers this question.
   * software that runs on both free and nonfree OSes is advised as
   perfectly fine i.e. the fact that the software being developed is
   "Libre" is the priority.
   * software that ONLY runs on nonfree OSes or where the functionality is
   damaged, DRM'd, relying on nonfree networked or paywalled logins or
   proprietary services, or where that functionality is just plain
   nonexistent on the free OS is NOT fine.
   basically anything that encourages or entices people to *remain* on the
   nonfree OS (because of missing or degraded functionality if the Libre
   Software is run on a Free OS) is not in the least bit okay.
   but if people choose (or have no choice but) to use a nonfree OS,
   that's not your problem, at least they are using Libre Software.
   a good example there would be VLC which i have installed on every
   device in the house, some of which was bought against my advice and
   without my consent or knowledge [with my money].
   at least using VLC on those devices does not result in files being

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