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Re: Question of Aiding and Abetting Proprietary (or non-free) Software i

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Question of Aiding and Abetting Proprietary (or non-free) Software in GNU projects
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 09:39:12 +0300
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* Yasuaki Kudo <> [2022-05-15 19:57]:
> Having said this, I see that GNU Emacs works on Microsoft Windows??
> How in the world is this done if the GNU's attitude is absolute zero
> tolerance of anything Proprietary?

Not only GNU Emacs works on proprietary systems, I would say that so
much of free software can run on proprietary systems. There is nothing
in particular on GNU Emacs that we shall mention it in the relation
that it runs on proprietary systems.

> I wish to leave my sincere comment that in no way I am trying to
> create a hostile conversation - I just want to know the dynamics of
> these seemingly contradictory outcomes.   For example, is Emacs for
> Windows indeed developed by a parallel, non-GNU-aligned community?

In GNU development it does not matter if developers are using
proprietary systems neither GNU as project is enforcing developers not
to use proprietary systems. 

What matters is that free software is created.


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