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Re: Fixed bad committish and es.po in spanish web site

From: Daniel Tonda Castillo
Subject: Re: Fixed bad committish and es.po in spanish web site
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2007 15:50:01 -0600
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John Mandereau escribió:
Le dimanche 07 janvier 2007 à 03:40 -0600, Daniel Tonda Castillo a
écrit :
Daniel Tonda Castillo escribió:
John Mandereau escribió:
Daniel Tonda wrote:
I changed the committish ids for files showing a bad committish when doing:

make LANG=es check-translation
Looks good. Your next work on is certainly the translation
update: "make LANG=es check-translation" shows a 1200 lines diff!
¿What do you mean by translation update?

Haven't you read the whole README? You have finished the web site
translation, this is very cool.  Recently, the English pages have
changed a lot, so you should update the Spanish translation as explained
in the README. That's not urgent, but it is important. I estimate it is
good to run "make LANG=es check-translation" once or twice a week: if
you don't have time to immediately update the translation, it at least
shows you waht should be updated.
Sorry, I did read but should go back to it now and then, to remember it.
I did that and indeed there's a bunch of diffs which I will attack. When the command shows no output, then the whole thing is updated?
Before translating the tutorial, LilyPond's es.po should be revised too.
I did some revising of es.po also, are there any special
considerations for es.po?
I was talking about _LilyPond_'s es.po, not _lilypond.org_'s one. You
can check out Git LilyPond sources to get it.

¿Oh, you mean the one from the program?
¿Is that also in git?
I'm sorry I'm just git cloning it with instructions from:

Yes. So, I suppose you're working on master branch, which is used to
release the development series.

I've just finished the revision/translation of es.po for the lilypond program. I was wondering how to test it in my sistem but ignor how to do it. I'm running ubuntu. I ran msgfmt through es.po and es_MX.po (for now the same file), and converted it to, and copied it to /usr/local/lilypond/usr/share/locale/es*/LC_MESSAGES/

Ran lilypond and made some error cases to see if the messages appeared in spanish but alas, messages come in english so I suppose I'm doing things incorrectly, for the moment.
Got it, have to place in /usr/share/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES/

Is "lilypond --help" output in Spanish?

Which editor do you use for the .po? Maybe Spanish messages don't appear
because you have to remove unwanted fuzzy marks (KBabel should do this
automatically when you edit entries), or you may need to compile
LilyPond. Anyway, it should work in the next released Mac OS X, Linux
and FreeBSD GUB binaries.

About es.po for lilypond, should it be in ISO-8859-1 or in UTF-8 encoding?

I compiled the es.po first as UTF-8 and the terminal shows weird strings in Ubuntu. Then I compiled the es.po as ISO-8859-1 and then the terminal appeared correctly, so I guess for now, I will use ISO-8859-1.
I'm supposing UTF because most *.po are in UTF-8 in the lilypond source. I attach two patches from git format-patch HEAD^, first is the revision/translation of pending messages, and second is the conversion to UTF-8.

.po files have to be in UTF-8. AFAICT LilyPond always uses UTF-8.

I've applied your patches. I'm puzzled why you added an identical
es_MX.po file, though; do you plan to make differences between them?

Ok, for the moment let's remove es_MX.po, and I'll work only in es.po. After compiling it and placing it in the proper location I tried some lilypond code that would show errors to see the output in spanish and it looks great so far. I also fixed some strings which overlapped in the standard xterm size, so I'm attaching the diff.

Daniel Tonda C.

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