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Re: Updates and corrections patches

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Updates and corrections patches
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007 17:37:23 +0300
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John Mandereau wrote:

Of course, the POs haven't been updated.  As exaplained in TRANSLATION,
all translators who don't have Git push access should not run po-update
without having pulled very recently and immediately sending me a patch
for Documentation/po, otherwise they may encounter conflicts next time
they pull if I do a concurrent po-update.
Ok, I thought you would do it normally. Shouldn't we include the .po files also into check-translation and make the generation a bit more often in order to get the updated files and see conveniently what should be updated? Well, I don't know anything about the system how it generates the new entries -- just saw that in the recent update that I made they were put on top of old entries, thus leaving the old (wrong) translation valid -- but marked it with fuzzy. This is of course also a posibility to see what has been changed...
The general problem is that docs in English frequently change, so
translations are always a little outdated.  Freezing English docs a few
days before an important release would allow translators to be in sync
for the release; OTOH blocking docs improvements or fixes is absurd, so
I prefer to rely on frequent releases, translators reactiveness and
clean patches ;-) that can be quickly applied to master.
Yes, well, as Han-Wen said the translations are kind of work in progress anyways.

I had not completely updated Python scripts that translate section
titles to handle @rprogram.  I'm trying to fix this, 'make web' is
running to check...
@file and @samp are not macros, they are built-in Texinfo functions.
'make web' Texinfo should handle accents generated by @-commands
according to @documentlanguage.  This makes me think there is still a
shitload of i18n feature requests to be sent to Texinfo developers, but
this is more easy to say than to do: as they don't have oodles of time,
it's important to send one small and clear request at once, as it's has
been done for non-English quotes.

Did I understand right: the feature is requested but it will take its time until sombody impelements it?


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