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Re: Suggestion: tempo ranges

From: John Zaitseff
Subject: Re: Suggestion: tempo ranges
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 14:27:17 +1100
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Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
> John Zaitseff wrote:
> > I realise that the parser will need to be modified, but I just
> > wonder if it can be done cleanly and without too many problems.
> > Let me at least have a quick look before giving up :-)
> I´m not saying it´s too difficult; I´m saying I won´t apply your
> patch :-)

Not trying to be difficult, but given that this idea (of tempo
ranges) seems to me to be a reasonable one, is there any reason why
not?  I realise that it is a syntax change; is that reason enough?

It seems to me (from a cursory glance at parser.yy) that the changes
need not be that difficult and/or intrusive.  I just don't want to
waste time writing such changes if there is no interest in them!

Yours truly,

John Zaitseff

John Zaitseff                    ,--_|\    The ZAP Group
Phone:  +61 2 9643 7737         /      \   Sydney, Australia
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