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Re: Remove special case in staff-spacing (issue4188051)

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: Remove special case in staff-spacing (issue4188051)
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 23:29:09 +0200


sorry for the delayed answer, i had to sort out my repository because
of grand-fixccing, and didn't know how to open eps files that are
created by regtests (eventually i compiled a few suspicious regtests
by hand).
In general, your patch is wonderful!  It does the things i hoped for for ages :)
However, a very close examination of regression tests showed two
regtests that might have undesirable differencies:
I also see some differencies in logs of several tests, for example
tablature-full-notation, but they don't look very serious...  I don't
have any idea why they appeared at all.
I've attached pdfs of the output to the tracker issue -

The problems i see:
note-head-chord - while i generally like the idea of suspended
noteheads being treated like 'decoration' (i.e. getting less space
between it and the barline than a normal, bare notehead would get), i
have an impression it's gone a bit too far in this case.
predefined-fretboards-transpose - chord diagrams look definately too
crowded now.


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