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Re: Regarding LSR translation work

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: Regarding LSR translation work
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 07:52:55 +0100

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Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 11:04 PM
Subject: Re: Regarding LSR translation work

Il 21/04/2012 13:09, Graham Percival ha scritto:
> > From a very basic-no-progamming skill perspective, why can't we > just
>  have an extra texidoc entry in the snippet itself and add the
>  translation manually, like we would for any updated snippet?
Because then it would be overwritten whenever we do a LSR import.

>  In fact, why do we even need a texidoc string*inside*  the snippet? I
>  don't use one for @lilypond examples.
Because snippets come from LSR, and that needs a texidoc to
display some text for the snippet.

So it seems that there are only two possible solutions (I'm just daydreaming):

1) manage all the docs snippets in Git and say hello to LSR (see bottom of my email)

1) I don't understand what "say hello to LSR" means.

2) I don't really understand how LSR snippets are translated, so can't comment knowledgably

3) Graham is wrong when he says writing snippets is not a good introduction to lilypond. I started by doing a fair few that documented undocumented features shown in the regtests.

Phil Holmes

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