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LilyDevOS, a LilyDev container

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: LilyDevOS, a LilyDev container
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 17:03:42 +0200

Hi folks

I've made a LilyDev container which can be run with systemd-nspawn.
You can download v0.1 and find the instructions here:

This is only for Linux users at the moment.
I'm not sure if you need a certain version of systemd to run it correctly. Probably not.
I've tested it on Fedora 26, systemd version 233.

Let me know if it works for you.

Why working on a new LilyDev?
Since some time I wanted to switch from Debian live-build to something else, for several reasons:

- live-build can be run only within a Debian machine (since I moved to Fedora almost two years ago, I had to run it in a Debian container) - live-build is extremely configurable but quite complicated. In the last year live-wrapper has replaced it as official Debian image builder

Since guile-1.8 was removed from Debian stable, I had one more reason to change distro. At first I thought I'd have used some Fedora tool. Until I read this post about mkosi:

It's easy to pick up, the design is very clear and the build performance is great.
I like especially the fact that it's distribution-agnostic.
I might build different distro and different versions of each distro simply by using a different configuration file. And without changing anything on my machine (live-build requires to run Debian stable if you want to build Debian stable; run Debian testing if you want to build Debian testing; and so on..)

Next step will be creating an image with a full desktop environment, like the old LilyDev. Do you have any preference for the default distro and DE (must be lightweight)?
If you don't, I think I'll choose Fedora and LXQT.

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