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Re: LilyDevOS, a LilyDev container + full VM image

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: LilyDevOS, a LilyDev container + full VM image
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 18:54:39 +0200

Il giorno ven 21 lug 2017 alle 20:29, Paul <address@hidden> ha scritto:
On 07/17/2017 04:58 AM, Federico Bruni wrote:

A suggestion: it might be worth clarifying the steps for first setup vs repeat use of the container? I think the main (only?) difference is that you don't need to run the setup script after you've already done it.

Ok, I've added a comment and a quick note on how to shutdown the container.

Also, the authentication in git-cl opens a web page in a browser so I'm not sure how that will work from the container?

w3m and elinks accept cookies by default, so login to google is easy and saved across different sessions.

I just need to check if the redirect from /get-access-token?port=8001 works.

I want to avoid installing a regular browser, as it would add some dependencies and increase the final size of the container.

Cool, glad there's a good solution for this.

Actually not.
It seems that git-cl relies on some server stuff redirect (http//localhost:8000/) which modern browsers support, but apparently not the text browsers. I've had no time to investigate.

BTW, let me know if the password is working. I'm not sure I've uploaded the correct version..

It wasn't working for me (e.g. when I tried to install guile-devel).

If it doesn't, use this command as root:

 echo 'dev:lilypond'|chpasswd

This fixed it for me. And I was able to install guile-devel. (GNU Guile 2.0.14)

It worked fine for me on a fresh build of the container.
I guess I uploaded some older version before the fix.
Next release will be ok.

Thanks again.  It's coming together well!

Thanks :-)

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