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Re: letter size

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: letter size
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 19:19:53 +0200

> Am I the only one who finds that ly2dvi ignores the 
> \paper { papersize = "letter" } 
> directive and produces A4 output in all cases?

I hope you have read the Reference manual and the
FAQ at the bottom of

It's very unfortunate that you explicitly have to 
include a file after setting papersize, 
but with the current structure of the initialization
files that's very difficult to avoid. 

Also, even if LaTeX knows what paper size the user
wants, it doesn't give this information to dvips, 
that's why you have to add an extra '-t letter'
option to dvips. If you let ly2dvi produce the 
Postscript file directly, using '-P', it will 
automatically send the correct options to dvips.

> Can lilypond-book produce good copy on letter
> size paper?  Is the manual just in A4 size?  If
> that is the case, it would be good to tell
> people about psresize somewhere.

If you use lilypond-book together with LaTeX, 
you can use the 'geometry' package in LaTeX to 
explicitly set a paper width and height that
fits reasonably well both for A4 and letter size.
I remember that late Werner Icking used such a 
setting in his scores produced with MusixTeX.

I don't know texinfo well enough to say how to 
do a similar page size setting for the manuals.

Regarding the space for header and footer, ly2dvi
uses a significantly smaller height of these than
what you get by default in LaTeX documents. 
I'm afraid these settings are hard coded in ly2dvi,
but as always you could use lilypond-book if you
want another page layout.


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