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Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs

From: Jens Haug
Subject: Re: Tuplets, Brackets and Slurs
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:40:21 +0200 (MEST)

> > > Another thing about tuplet brackets: Sometimes I'd like to have
> > > tuplet brackets that look like slurs
> Better yet is a Filipino style tuplet bracket
>  \______ ______/
> used all the time.  It is a terrific improvement
> over traditional brackets because it is better
> suited at stems, beams or noteheads, that is,
> everywhere.  Of course the problem
> with brackets that look like slurs is that they
> look like slurs.  DaveA

In many swing pieces, almost all the triplets have slurs. 
There's no point in printing slurs, brackets and beams.
You can't leave out the beams, and you don't want to
leave out the slurs, so you just drop the brackets and
put the "3" on the slur.
That makes it very easy to read, and that's what I'm used
to in bigband music.


Jens Haug
IKFF Universit├Ąt Stuttgart              Tel. 0711/685-6422
Pfaffenwaldring 9                       Fax  0711/685-6356
70550 Stuttgart                 address@hidden

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