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Re: [lmi] synchronizing wx and lmi for production

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: [lmi] synchronizing wx and lmi for production
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 00:10:31 +0000
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On 2005-8-15 20:09 UTC, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:39:53 -0400 Wendy Boutin <address@hidden> wrote:
> WB> >  I think it's best to make available the latest wx version tested
> WB> > with/acceptable for lmi separately anyhow.
> WB> 
> WB> Agreed. If I let you know exactly which code I've tested and accept, are
> WB> you able to put it somewhere that will have a URL we can use for just lmi?
>  Why not just put it on Savannah? I could put it here but Savannah has a
> much better bandwidth and, hopefully, better availability as well.

We can't. The wx-2.5.4 sources contain almost a hundred '.gif' files.

| You may not place any GIF files on a site hosted here.

There may be other issues, but that one's conclusive from FSF's POV.

> WB> > BW> Although, the bigger problem is not having a stable URL that can be
> WB> > BW> used in our setup automation.
> WB> >
> WB> >  Hmm, what about
> WB> http://biolpc22.york.ac.uk/pub/CVS_HEAD/wx-cvs-All.tar.bz2
> WB> > ? I admit I haven't really ever used it but this URL seems to be quite
> WB> > permanent.
> WB> 
> WB> But wouldn't that give me newer code from one day to the next?
>  Yes, sure. I thought that this URL would be useful for other automatic
> scripts. It's clear that no server can stock tarballs of wx for unlimited
> number of days.

The general solution is to check out the wx sources as of a particular
date and time. I think the problem is that Wendy can't do that from
behind a corporate firewall.

One option is always to use the overnight wx cvs snapshot. If cvs gets
broken, we'd find out quickly and could file a report immediately;
that would be beneficial to everyone.

Another option is to use the latest wx release. Releases seem to be
getting more frequent--is that pattern likely to continue? Data:


  2.5.1 2004-05-31
  2.5.2 2004-07-17 2 months
  2.5.3 2004-10-22 3 months
  2.5.4 2005-03-11 6 months
  2.5.5 2005-04-04 1 month
  2.6.0 2005-05-04 1 month
  2.6.1 2005-06-24 2 months

If wx releases are only a month or two apart, then we'll never get very
far behind. Although we'll have to use wx cvs to test new features, we
probably should release lmi only with an official wx release.

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