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Re[2]: [lmi] synchronizing wx and lmi for production

From: Vadim Zeitlin
Subject: Re[2]: [lmi] synchronizing wx and lmi for production
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 14:30:09 +0200

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 07:29:59 -0400 Wendy Boutin <address@hidden> wrote:

WB> Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
WB> >  Very interesting, I don't get this here for whatever reason. But I did 
WB> > this (blindly) in wx cvs:
WB> > 
WB> > Index: src/msw/ownerdrw.cpp
WB>    [snipped patch]
WB> > Please let me know if this doesn't solve the problem for you.
WB> This is getting better; now I've got the bigger dll I expect:
WB>   [hidden] /c/downloads/wxWidgets/build-msys3
WB>   $ ls lib/
WB>   libwx_msw-2.6.dll.a  libwxpng-2.6.a   wx
WB>   libwxexpat-2.6.a     libwxzlib-2.6.a  wxmsw26_gcc_custom.dll
WB> , but is
WB>   libwx_msw-2.6.dll.a the same as
WB>   libwxmsw25d.a

 Not quite because of 'd': the latter is debug build, the former is
release. And I'm also not sure to be honest if libwxmsw25d.a is a static
library or an import one while libwx_msw-2.6.dll.a is definitely an import
library. Anyhow, it's not impossible that import library naming convention
has changed since 2.5, I do remember some discussions about this. I'm a bit
surprized that the library names produced by "manual" makefiles and autoconf-
generated ones are not the same though. Could you please confirm that this
is indeed the case, i.e. that the libraries are named differently in 2.6.1?

WB> and is
WB>   wxmsw26_gcc_custom.dll the same as
WB>   wxmsw26d_gcc_custom.dll
WB> ?

 Yes, except for 'd' again.

WB> It appears I'm building comparable libraries to what we use in production,
WB> but they have slightly different names, and I couldn't find anything
WB> definitive in the documentation. I tried compiling lmi with the new
WB> libraries and corresponding wx src, but that wasn't successful, so I
WB> wanted to pusue the libraries with you before I took the lmi issues any
WB> further.

 Normally the library names almost don't matter as you use just link with
whatever `wx-config --libs` outputs -- this one of the advantages of using
wx-config. You have to set WXCONFIG make variable manually however to make
lmi makefiles use wx-config, e.g. here is how I build it myself:

make WXCONFIG=$wx/mingw342-debug/wx-config HAVE_THIRD_PARTY_LIBRARIES=1

Of course, if you had installed wx, the script should be in your PATH, so
"make WXCONFIG=wx-config" would be enough then.

 Good luck,

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