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LYNX-DEV bg - fg = ok

From: Philip Webb
Subject: LYNX-DEV bg - fg = ok
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 12:02:51 -0500 (EST)

970226 David Combs wrote: 
> Also: control-z still stops (ends) a download-in-progress.
> Would be nice if while in "shell account" of isp (
> and connect to some HUGE page (eg rfc tree), I could fg and bg
> and continue mail-reading, or use trn newsreader, etc,
> and then after 5 minutes or so, fg back into Lynx
> and see if page is downloaded yet.
> Still no can do, as ^z evidently trapped and all current
> ongoing "work" is stopped, ie as if I hit "z"-key during downloading.
-- right on! me too!
   this could be a great advantage for Lynx:
   there are many slow servers & big files to fetch/download.
   best would be a command  Fetch/Download_in_Background ,
   which you would substitute for the usual  Right-arrow  when needed.
-- can it be that difficult to fix up Lynx to allow background working?

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