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Re: [Paperclips-discuss] JSP support

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Paperclips-discuss] JSP support
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 03:16:57 +0100

>>> Brad Cox <address@hidden> 18-Jul-01 2:52:38 AM >>>

   For a near-zero overhead alternative to JSP see I developed it originally 
   as an alternative to the core JSP concept, regardless 
   how implemented. Its grown somewhat beyond that by 


Is it (L)GPLed? 

I'd like to distrib a runtime with Paperclips (maybe with a
--with-jwaa switch on configure) if it is licenced right.

We'll also be shipping BRL with Paperclips - it's available from:

It's a scheme based page-mangling language.

   I used to use gnujsp too.

My issue with gnujsp is really that it's implemented very badly. I
should point out that I'm being a little unfair, GNUJSP has to do the
really hard job of supporting lots of different containers, many of
them not really containers at all (eg: JServ).

   Is paperclips ready for production use? I'm looking to 
   break free of tomcat too.

Probably not.

I haven't implemented all the DD set yet. Significantly it doesn't

- construct and map filters (working on it right now)
- configure session environment
- handle init parameters for servlets
- stuff I've probably forgotten

However, it is getting there. I've been running a webserver on my dev
machine with some online articles I'm working on... every now and then
I publish the site ref to a group of people who may be interested in
some of the articles. Paperclips hasn't fallen over yet.

I have recently completly or partially rewritten some of the major
parts of paperclips (HTTP handling and uri matching) and these
re-writes have made things more understandable (and therefore more

Because of the lacking functionality it's still a toy webapp server.
But do please give it a try!


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