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Re: Failure to build on Fedora 9

From: Matěj Cepl
Subject: Re: Failure to build on Fedora 9
Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 09:57:42 +0200
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Apparently the list doesn't like my attachments, so I have posted them

Sorry for confusion.

John Darrington scripst:
> 1.  Try down-grading a few versions of gcc and see if that works.  I
>     successfully built on fedora 8 using gcc 4.1.2

This won't do -- my goal is to build PSPP as a Fedora package; it
doesn't make any sense to build with different compiler.

> 2.  Try running a few of the offending source files (eg
>     src/language/xforms/sample.c) through the preprocessor. Is the
>     preprocessor for some reason deleting the "inline" keyword from
>     the definition of gsl_rng_get et al.

Attached is the output of

gcc -E -I../../ -I../../../ -I../../../gl -o sample.i sample.c

(plus config.h and just to be sure sample.c as well).

Any ideas?

Thanks for reply,

Matěj Cepl

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