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export entire data table

From: Jessie Braden
Subject: export entire data table
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 19:15:10 +0000

Hi everyone,


I just started using PSPP (and I’m not a programmer). I’d like to export my entire data table to a format I can use in Excel. I read in the archives that you can export an output table to .csv but I don’t see an option to export the whole data table.


I tried exporting the data table as a .por file but I get an error. It says, “error: creating temporary file C:\Program Files\PSPP\test;.por.tmpOOIp1n: Permission denied.”

We have to have an admin login to install programs so I wonder if I can’t even write to the C:\Program Files folder. Any thoughts?  I also tried going through the syntax editor and doing EXPORT (calling it a .csv file) but I got the same error.

Somehow, though, the other day I did manage to create a .por file. However it was really small and came through totally jumbled when I tried to open it in Excel using the Text Import Wizard. Using Excel 2010 and PSPPIRE 0.7.5-g70514b.


Finally I tried selecting the whole table and simply Copy->Paste. This is almost works except I consistently lose about 8 rows of data  (from the middle of my dataset). And the headers don’t copy over. Our dataset only has 145 rows of data so far but we have 427 variables (huge survey). It won’t let me Copy from Variable View (I could grab the column headers that way and transpose in Excel).


Any thoughts? We really need to get this data table into Excel for a project partner.


Thank you,


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