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RE: Re: export entire data table

From: Jessie Braden
Subject: RE: Re: export entire data table
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 18:10:41 +0000

Thank you so much for your great feedback everyone! I'm still trying to get the 
data (the entire data table, not an output) without much luck. 

I tried the SAVE TRANSLATE that John suggested but I got the following error 
(perhaps you can spot something wrong in my syntax?): Syntax:2: error: SAVE 
TRANSLATE is not yet implemented.


I also tried Ben's suggestion of running LIST and then exporting to csv. .csv 
isn't  listed in the file type options when I do Export Output. If I leave it 
as the default "Infer tile type from extension" it won't let me save. I tried 
choosing .odt from the list but when I open in Excel it's blank (but the file 
size is 8MB).

I also tried choosing .odt but then typing "test_csv.csv" in the Name box. It's 
also 8 MB and recognized as a csv file. But when I try to open in it Excel I 
get a pop-up that says, "The file you are trying to open is in a different 
format than the one specified by the file extension. Verify that the is not 
corrupted before open. Do you want to continue." I say Yes and it opens without 
error but is blank.

Ben, to answer your original response to my question: It doesn't let me specify 
what directory temporary files are created in. It'd be great if I could change 
it to location outside the Program Files folder. When I was trying to create a 
.por file I wasn't using syntax - I was using the gui Save As menu.

I don't have admin rights to install the newer version so I have to wait until 
Monday when our IT specialist is in. I'll keep trying but if anyone has other 
ideas they'd be greatly appreciated. We really need to get this data in Excel 
asap for a project partner.

Thank you again for all of your ideas!

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Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 3:23 PM
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Subject: Re: Re: export entire data table

> You'll probably want to upgrade from 0.7.5 to the latest version 
> though.  I don't know where to get an up-to-the-minute latest version 
> for Windows.
> My test platform is GNU/Linux.  I hear that there are Windows specific 
> bugs; perhaps this is one.
> --

As usual a reasonable current version can be found through 
At the moment this is version 1 week old.

Have fun

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