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Re: Problems opening files in PSPP 0.7.8

From: Renan Levine
Subject: Re: Problems opening files in PSPP 0.7.8
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 13:29:10 -0500
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Dear Jessie and the list,

I'm glad you emailed. I installed that version on a home Windows 7 Desktop PC last week - and thought it was problem free until your email. I mention that its at home because there are no "administrator privileges" that restrict my access to certain files or directories like computers at my university (which I thought would have explained the "permission denied").

I AM able to double click on a .sav file and it opens without a problem in PSPP. .SPS files do not include a PSPP icon, but PSPP is still the default program when I double-click to open the file. When PSPP opens it, there is an error message:
.62: error: 'J:____\name.sps' is not a system or portal file.

Strangely, when I click "Open" in PSPPIRE, and open a folder where I know I have a .sav or .por dataset, I see no datasets in the folder when the option "Data and Syntax Files" are selected. .sps syntax files are visible and can be opened. At the same time, the Output window flashes because it contains a new error message like yours (see below).

There is an easy workaround that makes me scratch my head.
If you select "All Files" instead of "Data and Syntax Files" from the open-file dialogue window, you can see - and open - the .por and .sav datasets even though opening the aforementioned folder still generates the same error message. Using a "Get file=" command from a syntax window did work without generating an error message BUT the dataset did not appear in the PSPPire Data Editor.

Weird, huh? I will post in the PSPP-Bug list.

The error messages generated when successfully opening the file are as follows:

error: An error occurred while opening `J:\POL242-DATA\Afghani Opinion':
Permission denied.

error: An error occurred while opening `J:\POL242-DATA\Afghani Opinion':
Permission denied.

error: An error occurred while opening `J:\POL242-DATA\Afghani Opinion':
Permission denied.

GET FILE="J:\POL242-DATA\Afghani Opinion\ProjectBlueWeb.sav".


On 07-Nov-11 11:50 AM, Jessie Braden wrote:
Hi everyone,

I got my IT guy to install the latest version (0.7.8-g981b76) but now I can't do 
anything - even open a file! My .sav files don't even show up as a recognized file 
type. When I click on any folder in my entire structure (local C and network drives) 
the PSPPIRE Output Viewer says, "error: An error occurred while opening 
'C:Users\.....': Permission denied - this error appears before I even select a file. 
It happens as soon as I click on a drive or folder.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

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