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Re: PSPP on CentOS

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: PSPP on CentOS
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 22:23:01 +0100
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It's segfaulting because the .ui files are not installed.
make install seems to be failing because you seem to have a rather old
version of xmllint.  Fortunately we can live without it:

In your makefile look for the four lines similar to:

        $(M_V_at)cat $(top_srcdir)/doc/help-pages-list | while read node ; do \
         $(XMLLINT) --xpath "$$node" $@,tmp > /dev/null; \
         if test $$? -ne 0 ; then  echo "$$node does not appear in $@" ; exit 
1; fi ; \

and delete them.

make install should then work.

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 03:14:37PM -0600, Alan Mead wrote:
     Ok, I did that.  Now it makes it pretty far before also dying (see
     below).  psppire is built but psppire segfaults when I try to run it
     (see below). I tried psppire after a 'make install' but that didn't make
     any difference.
     /bin/sh /home/amead/projects/pspp/pspp-0.8.5/build-aux/missing makeinfo 
     --docbook -I . \
                     ./doc/pspp.texi -o - \
                     | /bin/sed -e 's/Time-&-Date/Time-\&-Date/g' \
                     -e 's/“/\“/g' \
                     -e 's/”/\”/g' \
                     -e 's/‘/\‘/g' \
                     -e 's/’/\’/g' \
                     -e 's/—/\—/g' \
                     -e 's/–/\′/g' \
                     -e 's/é/\é/g' \
                     -e 's/©/\©/g' \
                     -e 's/−/\−/g' \
                     -e 's/…/\…/g' \
                     -e 's/•/\ߦ/g' \
                     -e 's/././g' \
                     -e 's%\(<figure [^>]*\)>%\1/>%g' \
              | gawk '/<para>.*<table.*>.*<\/para>/{x=sub("</para>","");
     print; s=1;next}/<\/table>/{print; if (s==1) print "</para>"; s=0; next}1' 
             > doc/pspp.xml,tmp
     /usr/bin/xmllint --output /dev/null doc/pspp.xml,tmp
     cat doc/help-pages-list | while read node ; do \
              /usr/bin/xmllint --xpath "$node" doc/pspp.xml,tmp > /dev/null; \
              if test $? -ne 0 ; then  echo "$node does not appear in
     doc/pspp.xml" ; exit 1; fi ; \
     Unknown option --xpath
     //address@hidden'AGGREGATE'] does not appear in doc/pspp.xml
     make[2]: *** [doc/pspp.xml] Error 1
     make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/amead/projects/pspp/pspp-0.8.5'
     make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
     make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/amead/projects/pspp/pspp-0.8.5'
     make: *** [all] Error 2
     I've never used psppire... when I navigate to /src/ui/gui and execute
     the program, it segfaults:
     address@hidden gui]$ ./psppire
     ** (lt-psppire:9708): CRITICAL **: Couldn't open user interface  file
     /usr/local/share/pspp/data-editor.ui: Failed to open file
     '/usr/local/share/pspp/data-editor.ui': No such file or directory
     ** (lt-psppire:9708): CRITICAL **: Object `uimanager1' could not be found
     (lt-psppire:9708): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_ui_manager_get_widget:
     assertion `GTK_IS_UI_MANAGER (self)' failed
     Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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