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Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen

From: Nikolai Weibull
Subject: Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 22:01:09 +0200

On 8/16/06, Michael Parson <address@hidden> wrote:
On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 01:54:57PM -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote:
> On 8/16/06, Michael Parson <address@hidden>wrote:
>> On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 12:21:17PM -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote:
>>> On 8/16/06, aladdin <address@hidden>wrote:
>>>> address@hidden:~$ set|grep TERM
>>>> TERM=xterm
>>> Is this inside screen?  screen is a terminal emulator, as is xterm.
>>> The TERM setting should be set to xterm if you're using xterm, and
>>> screen if you're using screen.
>> If the screen term types were properly defined on all systems I used,
>> I'd leave things set as screen, however, they're not.  I work on many
>> different systems and it is just less work to set screen's term type to
>> vt220 (or xterm), than to install the right bits on every box out there,
>> especially ones that I only touch on rare occasion.
> So, I tell you how to fix it, and your answer is "No, I'm lazy" ?

Setting my alias for starting screen to 'screen -Tvt220' is faster and
I only have to do it once.  I don't have the problems the OP is having,
colors come through fine for me, I've not had any problems doing things
this way for nearly 15 years of screen usage while accessing probably
thousands of systems.

Yes, I'm lazy, all good sysadmins should be, that's partly why we use
screen in the first place. =)

I guess /that's/ the reason why termcap/terminfo entries for screen on
all systems are busted.


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