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Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen

From: aladdin
Subject: Re: vim syntax highlighting does not work in screen
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 12:19:07 +0800
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aladdin wrote:

Hi, all.

My vim syntax highlighting does not work in SCREEN.

The problem occurs under RedHat9, vim 6.1.320, SCREEN 4.00.02, remote
login with putty.

I have another Debian Sarge Linux under which vim and SCREEN work well
together. I checked the screenrc file but cannot find anything help.

What should I do now?



I finally got it, everyone.

It turns out that the alias vi='vim' is not set in SCREEN. (It is strange that vi alias is set outside of SCREEN properly but is not exported to SCREEN??? BTW, I cannot find in which file it is set, not in my global or local bash_profile and bashrc files...) So what I excuted in SCREEN is the ancient stuff *vi* actually.

I added an alias line in my .bashrc and it fixed problem.

I'm really sorry for my stupid mistake and having made you so much trouble. Thanks to all for your kind help.


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