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Setting the DefaultVoice for a voice without a conf file

From: Didier Spaier
Subject: Setting the DefaultVoice for a voice without a conf file
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2018 15:27:08 +0100

Hello Elena, Samuel, Alex, Storm and everybody else,

On 16/12/2018 06:42, Olga Yakovleva wrote:
> Hello Didier,
> The following problems should now be fixed in master.
>> Trying to build from git master gave me this output:
>> src/sd_module/list_voices.cpp:29:31: error: operator '==' has no left operand
> It should now compile without this error.
> For now RHVoice assumes Speech Dispatcher 0.8 by default.
> You can tell RHVoice what version of Speech Dispatcher it will be used with:
> scons spd_version=0.9

I indeed saw the commit, but the idea of typing scsons -h didn't hit my
small brain, so I wrote the ugly patch stored here:

Now I can get rid of it, thanks for the heads-up ;)

>> @Olga: I consider providing a RHVoice package for Slint, but am unsure
>> which voices I should put in it as I see in voices/README that:
>> 1. The Tatar voice can only be used non-commercially.
>> 2. The Georgian voice can only be used by individuals for personal use.
> Only the Georgian voice is problematic and is now disabled by default.
> The Tatar voice can be redistributed without restrictions as long as
> redistribution doesn't involve charging money for it.
>> On the other hand, a complete package is rather heavy (no less than 250M
>> uncompressed) so I wouldn't mind stripping it down a bit
> There is now an option to include only some of the languages, for Example:
> scons languages=english,russian

I saw this too, and already applied it as you can see in the SLKBUILD in
directory mentioned above. Thanks!

One more thing: the settings in /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf are well
commented but in Russian only. Would you mind providing these comments
in English too?

At second thought, maybe you could just:
1) Write on top of this file:
; Translations of the comments in this file can be found in this 
; documentation folder:
2) Ship the translations at the root of the tree alongside the README
3) Mention for the packagers that they have to install these files in
the documentation directory for RHVoice, and indicate the path to this
directory in /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf at the end of the second line.

Also, maybe you could accept translations of the file by contributors.
If you do, I volunteer for fr.RHVoice.conf ;)

As an aside, the README needs an update as rhvoice-client is no more
shipped (replaced by RHVoice-test?) and the module sd_rhvoive is not yet

@Samuel: could you please include this line in speechd.conf:
#Addmodule "rhvoice"       "sd_rhvoice"    "rhvoice.conf"

This allows to set rhvoice as value of the DefaultModule parameter
in the same file.

@Alex: yesterday I told you that a "dummy" rhvoice.conf was needed in
/etc/speech-dispatcher/module, but that's wrong, the AddModule statement
above is enough to allow setting the default voice as rhvoice.

However, maybe it would be useful after all, just to inform users.
For instance:

# This is a dummy configuration file for the RHVoice synthesizer.
# The settings for RHVoice should be actually made directly in the file
# /etc/RHVoice/RHVoice.conf



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