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Re: gnu soc status

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: gnu soc status
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 16:40:40 -0500

    FYI: According to, the GNU project has
    been allocated 8 slots.

Thanks.  I wish they used the announcement list to make announcements.

17 -> 8 is about the usual.  And if it's only going to change as other
orgs give slots back, I wouldn't hold my breath for getting any more.
I'll beg Leslie, but ...

So for starters, I think the projects we wishlisted with multiple slots
(hurd, gnowsys, screen) have to go back to a single one.  Sorry ...

Then there is the question of gdb.  There are three gdb-related
projects, but they are all different, mentored by different people.  Can
you gdb mentors please get together and figure out which one you think
is the most important?  In the absence of a different consensus, gdb/mi
seems the most central to GNU to me.

That's still not enough bloodletting to get to 8.  Giuseppe wrote me
privately about his prospective students not being overly enthusiastic,
so I'm going to strike myserver.  Sorry Giuseppe, and I hope Marek will
contribute outside of GSoC.

Thomas, I see you were not overwhelmed by the grub student.  So I'm
going to strike that too, sorry.  We can revisit if the student comes
back to you with some fantastic reply.

Sam, are you there?  Without some input ...

Assuming clisp stays, that leaves 9 projects with strong applications,
from what I saw in the list.  So one more has to go.  Does anyone wish
to volunteer to drop out :)?  Of course, if by some incredible fortune
we get any more slots (or students choose other projects), we'll restore ...

 hurd - 1
 gnowsys - 1
 libjit - 1
 coreutils - 1
 smalltalk - 1
 screen - 1
 guile - 1
 clisp - 1
 gdb/mi - 1   (gdb/emacs, gdb/python)


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