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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Re: Logo TeXmacs

From: Felix Breuer
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Re: Logo TeXmacs
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 23:06:19 +0200

Am 30.8.2004 schrieb "David MENTRE" <address@hidden>:

>The latest one is nice. With which software have you made it?  Inkscape?

That's the one :)

>However I'm not sure about your <TeX|macs> idea. On one side, I like the
>idea of some TeXmacs specific coding. On the other side, I have
>perceived a bad feeling of foreigners for the combination of TeX and
>Emacs. People perceive the crossing of TeX and Emacs as the worth of
>both worlds: an obscure typesetting language and an Editor for experts,
>while TeXmacs is exactly the opposite (or nearly ;). Don't you fear that
>the <TeX|macs> coding would appear as a computer scientist only

I do believe that some non-geeks are turned away from TeXmacs because of
the misunderstanding you mention. I, personally, encounter a different
misunderstanding more often: When I mention TeXmacs to TeX-enthusiast
they assume that TeXmacs is a front-end for TeX and get disappointed
when they hear it isn't, instead of being curious about an alternative.

I think these misunderstandings are tied in to the name TeXmacs (even
though they are a bit emphasized in <TeX|macs> because of the | in
between). A name-change might help, though I don't think it worth the
effort. David Allouch once proposed StXlus (I think) as an alternative

>In this regard, I prefer Johann logos: close link to typography and

True, the step from <|> to typography is a bit larger than from "Sigma"
to typography.


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