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Re: Tramp loads files but gets stuck always until C-g pressed.....with e

From: Christian Seberino
Subject: Re: Tramp loads files but gets stuck always until C-g pressed.....with every shell tried and prompt
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 01:36:50 -0600
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I'll investigate if you want since I'd like to help improve Tramp and don't know if remote hg status will be helpful in future....I tried to reproduce the problem by pasting the commands in
a remote zsh shell but it worked fine...

Here is me pasting Tramp command into a shell myself and the output it generated...

% cd /home/cs/Ws/philfour/mvc/views/ ; hg log -l 1 --template \{rev\} about.html </dev/null; echo tramp_exit_status $?
tramp_exit_status 0

Is the so called tramp-send-command doing something else I can try to reproduce the problem?


On 01/25/2015 02:59 PM, Michael Albinus wrote:
Christian Seberino <address@hidden> writes:

Tramp debug output...
... and here we are:

12:04:00.450327 tramp-send-command (6) # ( \cd
/home/cs/Ws/philfour/mvc/views/; hg log -l 1 --template \{rev\}
about.html </dev/null; echo tramp_exit_status $? )
That's what Tramp sends to the remote host, in order to get hg
information about the file about.html.

12:04:00.553760 tramp-accept-process-output (10) #
WARNING: terminal is not fully functional

-  (press RETURN)
And that's what the hg process returns. It is not happy with the
terminal settings and wants the interactive user to enter RET. Tramp,
obviously, does not understand.

The most simple workaround would be to suppress hg checks. Do you need
them? If not, kick them out.

If you want to get hg information about remote files, I'm a little bit
out of knowledge. Likely, hg needs some settings for that I'm not aware

I remember a similar bug with hg where it was sufficient to set the
HGPLAIN environment variable. Don't know whether it applies here also.

Best regards, Michael.


Christian Seberino, Ph.D
(936) 828-8747

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