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Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?

From: Uday S Reddy
Subject: Re: [VM] Time to move to Mutt?
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 14:52:25 +0100

address@hidden writes:

> Uday> We could integrate the name space so that we could use one set of key
> Uday> bindings. But would you really want to type something like
> Uday> s imap://myaccount@thatserver/folder
> God no!  But maybe we could do s/S for regular/IMAP save?  And v/V
> for visit regular/IMAP folder?  But no, that then breaks the virtual
> folder commands.  

I leave the key bindings to you to decide for yourself. There aren't that
many keys around. So you would need to decide which commands actually need
key bindings. I decided for example that vm-visit-folder and
vm-visit-imap-folder don't need key bindings. So I just define aliases
'folder' and 'imap' so that I can type M-x folder or M-x imap.

For save, the old Kyle Jones' style maildrop specs should still work:


They are obviously a pain to type, especially without any file name
completion. I considered introducing a URI syntax like the above but I
decided they would still be a pain to type. Hence I added a new command that
allows ACCOUNT:FOLDER style of specification *with file name completion*.
The price to pay for that is a separate key binding. 

> Believe me, (e)lisp is not a language that I can work in.  I still
> shudder from my college course in Lisp all those years ago.  This is
> my personal reason for not being able to contribute more to a tool I
> love to use, and the emacs key bindings my fingers know and use all
> the time.

I can understand that a lot of people are allergic to Lisp syntax. But it is
not at all hard to learn. It probably took me only one evening to learn it
when I had to do a homework assignment as a grad student.


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