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Re: [VM] VM not handling inline HTML mail

From: Patrick Healy
Subject: Re: [VM] VM not handling inline HTML mail
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2019 14:19:38 +0100

John Stoffel writes (on 25.07.2019):
> Patrick> I upgraded my Debian distro yesterday and I am now getting the 
> following
> Patrick> message:
> Patrick>   "Inline text/html by emacs-w3m display failed: 
> (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)"

> Which emacs version are you using and which verision of viewmail?  And
> what are your settings for the various vm-mime-* vars?

Thanks for you offer of help, John.

Here are the versions I'm using
emacs-version: 26.1
vm-version:    8.1.2

and on searching my .vm.el setup I find the s-expressions below.

Many thanks.

 vm-mime-qp-decoder-program "qp-decode"
 vm-mime-qp-encoder-program "qp-encode"
 vm-mime-base64-decoder-program "base64-decode"
 vm-mime-base64-encoder-program "base64-encode")
(setq vm-mime-default-face-charsets '("us-ascii" "iso-8859-1"))
(setq vm-mime-charset-converter-alist
      '(("utf-8" "iso-8859-1" "iconv -c -f utf-8 -t iso-8859-1")))
(and (boundp 'vm-mime-default-face-charsets)
       (add-to-list 'vm-mime-default-face-charsets "Windows-1251")
       (add-to-list 'vm-mime-default-face-charsets "Windows-1252")
       (add-to-list 'vm-mime-default-face-charsets "Windows-1257")))
; First, don't display iso-8859-1 as-is in default face
(delete "iso-8859-1" vm-mime-default-face-charsets)
; Then substitute windows-1252 for iso-8859-1
(and (boundp 'vm-mime-mule-charset-to-coding-alist)
     (add-to-list 'vm-mime-mule-charset-to-coding-alist
                  '("iso-8859-1" windows-1252)))

(setq vm-infer-mime-types t)
(setq vm-display-using-mime t)
(setq vm-send-using-mime t)
(setq vm-mime-7bit-composition-charset "iso-8859-15"
      vm-mime-8bit-text-transfer-encoding "iso-8859-15"
      vm-mime-8bit-composition-charset "iso-8859-15")
;      vm-mime-8bit-composition-charset 'quoted-printable)
(setq vm-auto-displayed-mime-content-types '("text" "image/jpeg" "image/png" 
(setq vm-mime-use-w3-for-text/html t) 
(setq vm-mime-alternative-select-method '(favorite "text/plain"))
(setq vm-mime-attachment-auto-type-alist
        ("\\.JPE?G$"    .       "image/jpeg")
        ("\\.jpe?g$"    .       "image/jpeg")
        ("\\.gif$"      .       "image/gif")
        ("\\.png$"      .       "image/png")
        ("\\.tiff?$"    .       "image/tiff")
        ("\\.html?$"    .       "text/html")
        ("\\.au$"       .       "audio/basic")
        ("\\.mpe?g$"    .       "video/mpeg")
        ("\\.ps$"       .       "application/postscript")
        ("\\.pdf$"      .       "application/pdf")
        ("\\.zip$"      .       "application/zip")
        ("\\.xls$"      .       "application/")
        ("\\.odt$"      .       "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text")
        ("\\.xlsx$"     .       "application/")
        ("\\.csv$"      .       "application/")
        ("\\.doc$"      .       "application/")
        ("\\.docx$"     .       "application/")
        ("\\.ppt$"      .       "application/")
(setq vm-mime-external-content-types-alist
      '(;("text/html"                   "w3m")
        ("image/gif"                    "gwenview")
        ("image/jpeg"                   "gwenview")
        ("video/mpeg"                   "mpeg_play")
        ("video"                        "xanim")
;       ("application/pdf"              "/usr/local/Acrobat4/bin/acroread")
;       ("application/pdf"              "xpdf")
;       ("application/postscript"       "gv")
        ("application/postscript"       "okular")
        ("application/pdf"              "okular")
        ("application/zip"              "ark")
        ("application/ms-tnef"          "fentun")
        ("application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text"      "loffice")
        ("application/msword"           "loffice")
        ("application/rtf"              "loffice")
        ("application/"     "loffice")
        ("application/"      "loffice")
        ("application/" "loffice")

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