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Re: On elisp running native

From: Andrea Corallo
Subject: Re: On elisp running native
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2020 15:13:37 +0000
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Gong-Yi Liao 廖宮毅 <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Andrea,
> I tried to cross compile gccjit and emacs for aarch64 target on a
> x86-64 machine as the raspberry pi 4b is not powerful enough for this
> type of tasks but I haven't get anything fruitful so far.
> When I complied these two packages on a raspberry pi 4b, compiling
> gccjit was ok, executable binaries were eventually generated.
> But emacs/native-comp always fail when native compiling leim related elc/eln.
> Do you have any recommendation for setting up a cross compilation
> environment for that?
> Thanks,
> Gong-Yi.

Hi Gong-Yi,

I'm not sure a libgccjit cross compilation setup was ever attempted
before.  Not even sure about cross compiling the standard Emacs but as
of today I think cross compiling native-comp would be pure

If you have a working libgccjit on the pi I suggest you to start with
modifying the Emacs make command as follow:

make bootstrap BYTE_COMPILE_EXTRA_FLAGS='--eval "(setq comp-speed 0)"'

speed zero is one magnitude order faster in compiling being still faster
then the bytecompiler in the resulting code you'll execute.  At least
you can start testing the rest of the system.  Once is boostrapped
you'll be able to compile pieces of elisp at speed 2 if you like.

Hope it helps.



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