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Re: tramp (; Copy-paste of folder from Windows machine to Lin

From: Guillaume Demeyère
Subject: Re: tramp (; Copy-paste of folder from Windows machine to Linux server does not work
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 17:24:54 +0200

Hello Michael,

You're absolutely right, it all comes down to the size of the file. Thank you for your clarification.

I re-tried your previous correction (the first one you suggested, with a diff), and it works too. It only failed because in my tests, I was forgetting the trailing-slash.

I do continue to get other problems on my config if I do not set tramp-inline-compress-start-size to nil, but I could not replicate these problems with emacs -Q, in which everything seems to work well with the patch. I need to debug my config to see where my other problem stems from.

But all in all, maybe it's better to keep the patch? If I understand correctly, deactivating compression completely would decrease performance a lot when one, for instance, copy-pastes a 100MB log file from a server?

Thanks again for your help,

Best regards,


Michael Albinus <address@hidden> escreveu no dia quinta, 11/07/2019 à(s) 10:05:
Guillaume Demeyère <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello Michael,

Hi Guillaume,

> So I missed the trailing slash, very good point. However, if I forget
> this slash when I copy-paste on a local directory, I get
> "funcall-interactively: File is a directory: c:/blabla/tmp", which
> seems more reasonable than a base64 error.

Good point. I will add a respective error message in Tramp.

> So I re-did the test with the trailing slash, and it does work,
> indeed.

Ahh, finally. Good to know.

> I also noticed that, when tramp-inline-compress-start-size is *not*
> nil, the error only appears on certain files : the  copy works well on
> others. That's why I suspect an encoding error. To make my point, I
> ran the test on two different files : Main.js and file1.txt. On
> file1.txt (only text), the copy-paste works. On Main.js (JS file), the
> copy-paste fails.

Compression happens only for files with a size larger than
tramp-inline-compress-start-size (4096 per default). I suppose it works
for files which are smaller.

I have committed the changed initial value of
tramp-inline-compress-start-size for win32 systems to the
repositories. Will be available with Emacs 26.3, and the next Tramp
version in ELPA.

> Regards,
> Guillaume

Best regards, Michael.

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